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Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for 1 Person
1) Doctor degree or above, more than 8 years photoelectric product development work experience, overseas background, proficient in the basic theory of semiconductor optoelectronics
2) Had actually led the development of high-speed optical modules 40/100G or engaged in light plane waveguide integrated device design and packaging
3) Good ability to communicate cutting-edge knowledge and industry background, product development platform, planning capacity and ability to break down the tasks of product development
4) Substantial benefits and stock options

Optical Transceivers Business Division Manager for 1 Person
1) Master's or higher degree, electronic communications professional background, more than 5 years of active optoelectronic communications industry experience in senior management
2) Familiar with the basic principles of optical active devices products, technical parameters and standards, with production technical management or supply chain management experience
3) Be good at interpersonal communication, inside the organization, the coordination, process optimization, certain management theory basis

North American Market Manager for 1 Person
1) Master's or higher degree in communications, electronics or marketing professional background
2) The optical component industry renowned company for more than 5 years working experience in sales or market related, resident in USA.
Main responsibilities
For regional marketing localization, customer service, market research, regional market goal formulation and implementation, cooperation and support the sales team to achieve the performance.

         International Sales for 5 Persons
1Bachelor degree or above, majoring in English, Korea, Japan or Russian
1 Communications products 2 years international sales experience
Note: English international sales for 2 person; Russian international sales for one person;

Korea international sales for one person; Japan international sales for one person.

40/100G R & D Project Manager for 1 Person

1) Master degree or above, communication electronics related professional background
2A well-known communications enterprise above 5 years high-end light module software or hardware design ability

Structural Design Engineer for 1 Person
1) Bachelor degree or above, optical or mechanical background;
2) Over 3 years optical l devices and light module structure design and device packaging work experience.

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